Analysis Of Mother Tongue

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Not knowing how to speak English can be the worst possible thing a person can experience in their lifetime. Not being able to understand and speak makes very difficult for a person to express their thoughts and feelings. Some individuals might think that these individuals are uneducated because of the way they pronounce certain words, but it is not true. A lot of people think that just because someone does not speak proper English, they are not educated. They are treated differently; they are not appreciated because of the way they speak. Some people do not even take the time of their day to try to understand these individuals lives. They do not know how it feels to not being able to speak another language properly, because they never tried.…show more content…
This country is a diverse country and everyone should be treated equally, no matter how the person speaks. In the story “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan, People were treating her mother poorly because of the way she speak, at one point she even felt embarrassed of the way her mother speaks. Tan also, expresses how she feels about her mother’s broken English, and how society treated her mother. Tan provides proof/logical reasoning, flashbacks of her mother's experiences, and a defensive and caring tone to illuminate the fact that just because someone does not pronounce any words right and it is difficult for him or her to speak a language, that does not make he or she uneducated. Tan uses logical reasoning to show that even though her mother might not speak proper English, she is still an educated woman. The way Some people incorrectly assumes they way a person speaks is related to their educational level. They view things are different from the way American view things. They might not be able to pronounce…show more content…
Tan is trying to show is that most individuals do not pay attention to a person that does not speak perfect English. They quickly assume that just because their English is not where it is suppose to be, they are not educated enough. In reality, that is not the truth. People come from many different backgrounds and therefore, is is difficult for some to adapt to a perfect English. That does not mean they are not smart. Tan’s mother just proves all the facts that just because she speak a “broken” English that does not mean she is dumb. There are many individuals out there that does not speak perfect English, but that do not mean they are not
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