Analysis Of Mountains Beyond Mountains

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For my summer reading, I chose to read Mountains Beyond Mountains: the Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World. I chose this book without reading the description and mainly based my selection on the great reviews for this book online as well as the fact that the author, Tracy Kidder, had won a Pulitzer Prize in the past. Ultimately, this book turned out to be as remarkable as the reviews stated it was.

2. Paul Farmer had a very unusual upbringing in Massachusetts, Alabama, and Florida. What specific elements from his childhood and family life prepared Farmer for his current life? How has your upbringing influenced your own choices and goals in life?
As Kidder discusses Dr. Farmer’s childhood, it is easy to see how his nomadic and modest lifestyle early on helped him adjust to living the life he led in Haiti and around the globe. As a child, Dr. Farmer not only dealt with moving from state to state, but also having to adjust to different living conditions ranging from living in a tent to living on bus with his parents and 5 other siblings. Kidder also focuses in on the work ethic his parents exemplified to him and his five other siblings. They were all taught to appreciate the little they had and to never be embarrassed for the lack of material objects they did not (Kidder). Most importantly, his family encouraged Farmer’s desire to learn. For example, when he was just a child, Farmer started a herpetology club where his family stepped in as members
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