Analysis Of Mtv 's Girl Code And Guy Code

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Writing Assignment Hegemony is the term for how one group gains and maintains power over other groups of people, they accomplish this by using media as an agent to normalize their power, so even the subaltern groups deem it the norm (Hegemony, slide #). How groups are represented in mainstream media and even if and when they are represented shapes the way the viewers, and thus the public, view different groups (Critical Media Literacy part I, slide #). The way these groups are portrayed is for the most part a conscious choice on the part of the creators, each portrayal is carefully crafted to send the audience a certain message about ideology and societal norms (Kenner, 6). MTV’s Girl Code and Guy Code are set up very similarly and it would be easy to brush off their differences, but in comparison these texts say a great deal about the way contemporary culture perceives gender. Gender refers to the way society expects one to act depending on where they adhere to the gender binary, men or women (Categorical Thinking, #). Even with the very premise of the shows it say a great deal about gender as it implies a rigid and absolute correlation –or categorical way of thinking- that gender and sex are the same, while it also excludes those who do not fall into the categories laid out (Categorical Thinking, slide 3). Girl Code and Guy Code very much so are set up to reinforce the hegemonic views of gender in society. Both texts have a similar segment of how to “pick up” someone.…

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