Analysis Of ' My Brother And Me ' Essay

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My Brother and Me is a Television show that use to air on Nickelodeon the show is about two young adolescent brothers who live with their older adolescent sister and mother and father, The oldest brother and middle child is Alfred "Alfie" Parker, He is 11 years old. He is the cool older brother him and his friend Milton "Goo" Berry who is also the same age as Alfred, who also is in love with Alfred’s older sister seem like the cool kids on the block in their grade. The youngest child is Derek "Dee Dee" Parker, He looks up to Alfie, He is eight years old and hasn 't built common sense he usually does everything his big brother tells him to do or tries to do whatever he wants even when his parents and brother tells him not to but he isn’t a bad kid at all he just eight years old. Melanie Parker is Both Alfred and Derek’s older sister, she is the love of Milton life even though she doesn’t feel the same back for him, she actually finds Milton repulsive. She is super smart and seems very social in her school and is involved in many activities and she is also 15 years old. Their mother is Jennifer Parker who often falls for Milton’s sweet talk and also is kind of the nice cop parent but can be firm when needed with the kids. While Roger Parker the father in the family is more wary of Milton’s sweet talk, is more of the bad cop parent. He at time very relatable when he is not telling boring stories about his childhood to his family, which they often run away from, and tries to
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