Analysis Of ' My Grandmother ' By Mohammed Al Amari

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According to UNICEF, “Over 8,000 have crossed Syria’s borders unaccompanied by adults and 4 million are on the run”. Civilians are trying to escape the ongoing civil war in Syria that began on March 2011. Artists from the public eye or the refugees created art to cover their experience or what they see on the media. In response to Syrian refugees fleeing to other countries, “the leader is watching” more effective art piece than “My Grandmother” by Mohammed Al Amari due to the fact that it exemplifies the experience as a civilian in the war and the transition as a refugee.
Art allows people to express their emotion in creative manner such as painting, photography, poem, documentary, etc. Art is appreciated when it’s aesthetically pleasing and how the piece relates to us as a human being. Art is depicted through imagery, experiences, and emotion. The audience’s emotion amplifies when it’s concerns a topic of their interest or the art “speaks” to them. Art can be understood from any background point of view but it takes practice to see the meaning behind the piece and knowledge of the context.
Violence is physical intention to hurt, damage, or kill someone. Violence is directly related to war and riots because there’s an agenda in each act. As of results of violence, thousands of people lives are lost, hurt, vandalism, and in emotional distress.
After the death of the late President of Syria, his son took the torch of the Presidential power. Soon people began to protest and…

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