Analysis Of My Ishmael By Daniel Quinn

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My Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, is a book about one 12-year old girl named Julie Gerchak answering an advertisement looking for a pupil that “Must have an earnest desire to save the world”(Page 3). She goes over to the address on the ad, and meets a silverback gorilla named Ishmael, a maieutic teacher. There, they have long discussions about culture and perspective. Eventually, Julie and a man named Art Owens help Ishmael escape to a remote jungle in Africa. However, one man named Alan Lomax is overly attached to Ishmael, and would not let him leave. For instance, Art Owens said, (“Every once in a while Ishmael will encounter a pupil who just won’t let go”, page 270). The biggest problem Julie faced was the massive size of the problems discussed
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