Analysis Of My Sister's Marriage By Cynthia Marshall Rich

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My Sister’s Marriage” by Cynthia Marshall Rich portraits characters that have many family problems. The father Doctor Landis is a total control freak. He decides every little things in his two daughters, Olivia and Sarah Ann, life. The restrictions that the father puts upon on his two daughters have different consequence on both. Olivia, the oldest daughter, starts having rebellious feeling due to suffocated restrictions, while, Sarah Ann, the youngest daughter, starts to internalize the restrictions and value her limited opportunities. Everywhere in the story, we can see that, the daughters pass through so many intestinal conflicts that result in either imprisonment or liberation. Since the father is so controlling, he has instructed his daughters to have a perverted view of love which emotionally demolished and imprisons one,…show more content…
When one feels protects in life, one cannot experience the benefits within life. For instance, Olive and Sarah Ann’s father holds both of them back from the opportunities in life. This is illustrated when Olive’s future husband, Mr. Dixon asks her, “Why do you wear your hair like that? You ought to shake it loose around your shoulders”. He surprises why Olive all the time makes braids in her hair instead of letting it loose or free. Mr. Dixon attempts to figure out why Olive allows her father to hold her back, much like the braids in her hair. This statement is motive because Olive starts to question her father about confinement at home due to a man. Mr. Dixon Uses her hair as a metaphor, by his questioning, that without her job at the post office, she should give a look more in her life. By making braids and keeping her hair open, author tries to illustrate that she is a bit confused whether or not to stay at home which is like a prison by conforming her father’s rules or just get away from here and make her
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