Analysis Of Named Tutorial For It Call Center And Using 10 Criteria

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According to the dictionary, six sigma (sometimes stylized as 6σ) is a set of management techniques intended to improve business processes by greatly reducing the probability that an error or defect will occur. It is becoming a well know and useful strategy worldwide. Every company who needs an excellent management will pay more attention at Six sigma. This essay aims to analyze the case which named Tutorial for IT Call Center and using 10 criteria ways to evaluate six sigma projects.
In the critical review of six sigma IT case, the author pointed out that there is high competition exists in IT service companies. He also mentioned that the successes of an IT service company highly relied on its customer services.
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It is obvious in the control phase that the team makes significant improvements to the operation and profitability of the call center of the IT services business when compared with the measures’ baseline. As the chart below shows, we could easily find that performance of current Support Costs Per Call and wait time are lower than baseline although they are still not fully achieved their goals. But with the time goes by, they are start to reaching their goals. In conclusion, strategic is very important to the Six Sigma team. The second criterion is the ways to utilize Six Sigma tools. That means utilizing Six Sigma appropriately when logical analyzing a process is a key elements for whole project to become success. When reviewing of the project demonstrates, it’s fully fits the DMAIC. We could verify the six sigma project correctness via check five phases of DMAIC. In the defined phase, SIPOC method helped us to identify the important customers, staff and business, and also identify the importance of CTQs via analyzing voice of the customer data. The measure phase applies measurement systems analysis to improve measurement which could makes system more suitable, repeatable, stable and accurate. The overall study used the tools in the Six Sigma toolkit appropriately and the storyboard represents a logical flow
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