Analysis Of Nanapush 's ' Tracks '

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Characters are created with a unique purpose such as being a narrator or to increase the dynamics of the story. Nanapush’s main function in Tracks is being a narrator. Although Nanapush is presented as a powerful bear and a loyal person, he can also be comprehended as an unreliable narrator. However, his characteristic can still convince some readers to believe in his side of the story. Nanapush’s actions such as reading the newspaper on page 47 suggests how he is educated and reliable. Regardless of how newspapers are supposed to be reporting the truth, newspapers can still be biased. Likewise, even though Nanapush believes or acts as if he is neutral and truthful, he can still be unconsciously biased. The close and long lasting relationship between Nanapush and Fleur puts forward the idea that as an observer, Nanapush knows a substantial amount of facts about Fleur. The story, Tracks, revolves around Fleur, thus, Nanapush can be interpreted as a more knowledgeable and a more reliable narrator. Nanapush’s leadership quality also makes him more reliable. Despite the fact that loyalty is a honorable quality, Nanapush’s excessive loyalty can make him less reliable and more biased. Nonetheless, humans are inherently unreliable because humans barely remember the exact things, especially when the story is manipulated orally. Thus, both narrators are unreliable because both does not know exactly what happened, particularly because the story is driven by and focused on Fleur, not…
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