Analysis Of Nancy Reagan 's ' Just Say No '

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I recently read and analyzed a speech given by Nancy Reagan entitled “Just Say No”. In the late 1980s, around the time that Nancy Reagan gave her speech the U.S was facing a major drug problem. During that time a new drug, cocaine, was recently introduced. Because this new drug was cheap and addictive, youth drug addictions became a major problem. As a result of the drug problems many people spoke out against it, one of these individuals was Nancy Reagan in her Just Say No Speech (Decades of Drug Use: The '80s and '90s, 2002). After analyzing he r speech I feel it was successfully persuasive. In the speech Nancy Reagan described how bad drugs can be, she described how the citizens of the United States can work together to solve this problem, and finally she described what life will be like for young people if they grow up and do not do drugs. (Reagan, 1986) In her speech Nancy Reagan describes the negative effects that drugs can have on the not only the people that do the drugs, but the nation as a whole. The way she describes this is by using the persuasive strategy arguments from generalization. This means that the speaker makes a generalization and assumes that what happened in the example that the speaker gave is likely to hold true in other examples (Nelson, P., & Titsworth, 2009). The way Nancy Reagan does this is by giving a specific example in paragraph two about a young boy she came in contact with while traveling around to gain information about the
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