Analysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's Young Goodman Brown Essay

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Someone influential isn’t only a powerful individual, but also someone who understands certain situations and is able to advise others what to do if one ever encounters something similar. Consequently, Nathaniel Hawthorne was the primary author who influenced me the most because I was able to connect and sympathize with the author. Also, when I attended the academic conference that I was so greatly invited to take a part in, I was able to understand and see the short storyYoung Goodman Brown” in a new perspective. Besides understanding that the short story is about society wearing different faces, I was able to further comprehend that the short story might also be about assumptions. This triggered a thought which made me further connect with the authors writing. Thus, Hawthorne’s short story really spoke to me. In the beginning of the story when Young Goodman Brown makes an arrangement with the “traveler” to go into the woods so that he can seek some answers, Goodman Brown sees “…a female figure on the path…who had taught him catechism in youth…” (Hawthorne 82). This is a starting point for Goodman Brown as he begins to see that people may perceive themselves in a certain way when in reality that’s not how they really are. Goodman Brown starts realizing how a person changes faces and how they tend to show others the face that is convenient for them at that specific time. Something similar also happened to my mother and I. From a very young age, I was exposed to going
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