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In the film “Native Son”, Jerrold Freedman presents a problem through the character Bigger Thomas. This character ends up taking another person’s life creating a argument on whether he is guilty or not. There is reasons validating both sides of the argument, but in the end the reasons supporting his innocence prove that he is. The purpose of this essay to examine Richard Wright's film adaptation of Native Son and his innocence in regards to fear, racial injustice, and financial background.

The movie “Native Son” is about a young black man named Bigger. Bigger lives with his mother and two siblings, and they’re nearly poor. Bigger hangs out with the wrong crowd, and he eventually stumbles upon a job as a driver for a rich white family. Bigger takes the job because his mom insists that he does so that he can one day move them into a better home. On his first day on the job, Bigger is supposed to drive the family’s daughter, Mary, to school and back. When taking her to school, she makes him take her to a place called the loop where she meets up with her boyfriend Jan. The three then head to a restaurant located on the southside where they force Bigger to have dinner with them and open up about himself. Afterwards, Bigger takes Jan to a train and then takes the daughter back home. She is heavily intoxicated, and Bigger has to carry her upstairs. While tucking her in bed, the mother walks in who happens to be blind.To keep the Mary quiet, Bigger stuffs a pillow over her

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