Analysis Of Neat People Vs. Sloppy People

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In Britt’s essay, “Neat People vs. Sloppy People”, Suzanne Britt criticizes neat people in a humorous way for certain behaviors. Britt creates a humorous tone and a good impression for sloppy people. This excerpt appears in a book “Show and Tell” Britt writes “It is her journey into the awful cave of self” (214). At first, I was offended by Britt’s essay, but after I realized Britt was using humor, I was able to look at my sister and her sloppiness differently.
Being a neat person, I was offended by Britt’s essay when I first read it. After reanalyzing Britt’s piece, I found she was being over humorous to get her point across. Britt claims, “Neat people will toy with the idea of throwing the children out of the house just to cut down the clutter” (215). I have never heard of someone throwing their children out just to cut down on clutter. If I wanted to cut down clutter, I would have the children help me clean and then anything they missed finish, this would be a good lesson for the children while helping me to. Britt uses a very broad sense of humor in basically saying neat people would throw the children out just to not have to work as hard on cleaning the house. An even broader statement made by Britt is about dying relatives. “No sentimental salvaging of birthday cards or the last letter of a dying relative ever wrote. Into the trash it goes” (Britt 215). How could anyone neat, sloppy, rich, poor, any quality throw away such a valuable memory such as a past relatives…

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