Analysis Of ' Negotiating ' Problematic ' Identity Essay

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The paper titled “Negotiating ‘Problematic’ Identity: The Queer Voyage in Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice” is a phenomenological reading of queer experience in Death in Venice. The central character, Gustav Von Aschenbach is portrayed as having fallen a ‘victim’ of his own unnatural obsession with beautiful boy, Tadzio. His love for the boy is seen as the culmination of his decline both as an artist and as a human being. Phenomenology is concerned with the ways in which people experience their lives and with the mental structures that give meaning to those experiences. Edmund Husserl believed that it is futile to attempt to understand either the mind or the world in isolation from one another. According to him, there exists an interdependent realtionship between the mind and the world. He also says that it is the relationship in which mental states are defined by the objects of experience and the objects of experience are shaped by the mental states. This paper focuses on the feelings, experiences, emotions and self-identification of Gustav Von Aschenbach as he voyages through the contours of his self and various objects of experiences. It attempts to place him in what Heidegger calls ‘Dasein’ ; thus, giving him a sense of identity (more exactly a queer identity). His conscious experience could be seen as ‘Authentic Dasein’(as Heidegger calls it) with the full knowledge of its mortality.
Key words: Dasein, Being, phenomena, identity.

Introduction “The
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