Analysis Of Nelson Mandela 's Death

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The internet is usually a beautiful place full of the answers to our curiosities. However, we are all familiar with the “weird” side of the internet, the place where Illuminati confirmed and pimple popping videos live coupled with the occasional, unsolicited penis picture. There is a large group of people from the weird side of the internet who believe that we are living in a parallel universe. The theory is based on backwards equations and wild imagination of internet dwellers. Believers claim that their false memories of events or mis-spelling of words are not actually false memories, but instead evidence that we are living in a parallel universe. They call this, the Mandela Effect. The concept began with the misconception around Nelson Mandela’s death. For some reason, some people remember him dying in prison. In fact, Mandela died outside of prison after serving as president of South Africa for several years. A famous example is the case of the Berenstain Bears. Believed by many to be the Berenstein Bears, the mis-spelling is what inspired many to consider the idea of the Mandela Effect. Believers of the Mandela Effect conclude that this is proof of living in an alternate reality. Other pieces of “evidence” include misspellings of words, slightly different names for T.V shows, and remembering famous movie lines incorrectly; spelling refrigerator with a d and “Sex in the City” versus “Sex and the City”. Thus the internet child known as the Mandela Effect was born.
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