Analysis Of Nephrology Nursing : Implementation Of Home Dialysis Vs. Institutional Dialysis

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Advocacy in the Context of Nephrology Nursing: Implementation of Home Dialysis vs. Institutional Dialysis For patients suffering from the implications of kidney disease, nephrology nurses not only provide physical and supportive care, but also act as the patient’s advocate to improve their quality of life. Nephrology nurses advocate for the administration of home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis as a means to improve quality of life and level of independence of patients experiencing kidney disease. Nephrology nurses advocate that home based dialysis modalities are associated with improved quality of life by allowing for greater employment opportunities, increased capacity to perform daily activities, improved psychosocial adjustment…show more content…
(CANNT, 2008) Practice can occur in a variety of environments ranging from chronic kidney disease clinics, peritoneal and hemodialysis clinics to acute nephrology and transplant units. (CANNT, 2008) Nephrology nurses spend a considerable amount of time with their patients throughout the course of their treatment and care, allowing the nurse to be actively involved in providing education to the patient and facilitate informed decision making about treatment options. Nurses are responsible for aiding the patient in developing strategies to manage symptoms and dietary alterations related to kidney disease, developing medication plans as well as teaching the competencies required for self management of peritoneal and hemodialysis. (CANNT, 2008) In the context of dialysis, nephrology nurses play a pivotal role in coordinating, monitoring and counseling patients receiving either peritoneal or hemodialysis. Through assessing dialysis adequacy, nurses employ quality assurance activities to improve the adequacy of dialysis treatments and work with self-management to improve the quality of life of kidney disease patients. (CANNT, 2008) Advocacy stems from the nursing philosophy that aims to holistically support an individual and enable increased promotion of their health and wellbeing. This concept is viewed as an ethical responsibility that nurses as professionals adopt and incorporate into their practice daily. Although
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