Analysis Of New Investment Plans Of An Existing Company

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Global business environment is a world-renowned subject in today’s era and is being practised by almost all major companies in the world. Understanding of business in a bigger perspective and analysing the perplex situations of todays dynamic world are its key issues. The two new skills, which were identified for the first time during the class, were: 1) Critical analysis of new investment plans of an existing company. 2) Practising Cause and effect strategy through varied research and study. Explanation: 1) Critical analysis of new investment plans of an existing company was not only a new experience but also provided a detailed picture on how things work in today’s global business world. The analysis was dependent upon studies and…show more content…
The above-mentioned approaches helped in building a firm base and helped in identifying the key tools used in the global business environment. The practise enabled us to realize the investment goal research that was deployed to us. One of the key findings was that in order to understand the complexity of today’s business world, one has to have an approach covering all the aspects of business and corporate world so as to have a correct finding and conclusion. Identifying aspects in an altered fashion promotes growth and consistency in the business world. Investment decisions are perplexed. However, developing insights into an overall concept that helps us in understanding the internal and external environmental issues can build our concrete and practical judgements. 2) Cause and Effect is a tool in order to monitor and analyse the major reasons of why things happened. Therefore subsequently we can use this tool to alter these effects in a way that can create a difference not only for the organization but also the business culture. Analysis of causes helps an organization set up regulations to work in a disparate fashion rather than following the same old methods. Analysing causes further helps in realisation of goals by moving forward and making the required changes in the planning and output process. Individuals’ behaviours and motivations mainly come from their
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