Analysis Of Nice Recovery

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Susan Juby’s “Nice Recover” novel defines the thin line between right and wrong of alcohol. The readers notice early in the novel that the novel is written in narrative style, and the timeline is not static. Although it primarily stays in the present, it skips to the past occasionally. From her present life, high school to flash backs of junior school. She is a Canadian writer of young adult literature. Susan is well known for her choice of words in her novels and her descriptive language that sets an image in the reader’s mind. “Nice Recovery” is a biography that is written in a narrative style, taking place in and around the 1900’s either at her house, or at school (lake kathlyn elementary school and chandler park middle school) as well as in many community centers. Susan is portraying a coming of age story in which she loses her innocence. In the novel “Nice Recovery” the main theme being portrayed, is addiction to alcohol, drugs or any other substances. Nice recovery fallows the story of a teenage girl name Susan. Her story started in junior school when she used to get bullied by individuals within her school. She felt like she had to become a different person in middle school in order for her life at school to change. She starts of by finding a group of friends. Susan became friends with the wild ones which were a group of kids that smoked and drank and did not care about their grades. Susan got influenced by the wild ones and became addicted to drugs, alcohol,
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