Analysis Of Nicholas Carr's 'Is Google Making USupid?'

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Nicholas Carr’s Is Google Making Us Stupid? is a great overview of the impact the internet is having on his, and others; life, brain, and habits. The old days of having to research a subject for hours to fully understand it is long gone. Having such a powerful tool available at any time can be a good and bad thing wrapped up in the same package. Home computer and smartphone ownership has been on a steady rise over the last couple decades, therefore, having information available at all times is hard to resist. Having answers instantly with a couple clicks on a keyboard can be valuable, but only to the extent that the information received is true. The impatience with having to spend time researching for the correct answer is ever growing to the point that any type of patience is a dying art. Retrieving information on a device is easier, but over time, can also disrupt the brains process of storing information long-term.
This essay is informative because it shows how habits, and the mind, are changing because of the internet. People have become dependent on instant information; impatient when needing to research a topic; no longer need to remember information since it can be recalled on the computer; reliant on the
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Math and calculators are a great example of this. Students are still not allowed to have calculators while learning basic math functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and subtraction. The reason behind this is quite simple; the information is necessary to being a productive student and adult. Pulling out a calculator for simple addition problems is not practical at all times in life. Long after the school years are over, remembering these simple facts are easily recalled because they are used daily. To come up with the answer to harder, less used math problems, most will spend the time to find a calculator or smartphone over doing the problem long
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