Analysis Of Nicolas Belmont 's ' The Prince '

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Nicolas Belmont

Those two words mean a lot in this school. Why? Because Nicolas Belmont is Prince Charming, with good looks, intelligence and charm. What girl wouldn 't want him?

At Elyria Academy, there 's a group of powerful boys and they call themselves The Elite Quartet. It consists of four boys Nicolas the Prince, Jonathan the Powerful one, Austin the Talented one and Liam who 's just part of a powerful family. Although I consider Liam 's sister to be the powerful one out of the two at least that 's what I heard.

Unlike Nicolas, I am seen as a "bad girl" all because I like wearing leather jackets and dark colours. Oh, and I may have a little bit of an attitude towards things and to be specific, people.

I may seem like a cold person to other people but that doesn 't mean I don 't have friends because I do. I may not have a lot of friends but I have someone and her name is Isabella. She is the total opposite of me. She likes bright colours, I like dark colours. She 's kind, I give attitude. She is into pink and I 'm into black.
But the one thing we do have in common is being near the bottom of the social ladder not that it 's a bad thing to be down there, but in this school, it 's a whole different story.

The thing is at Elyria Academy there 's a "Strict Hierarchy." It 's not like a typical social leader where the nerds and outcasts are at the bottom and the cheerleaders and athletes are at the top. It 's way different. It 's all about money and power. How much you…
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