Analysis Of Nieto's Authoritarian Rule Over Mexico

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The first article was about Nieto’s authoritarian rule over Mexico. I really felt that was the one that really spoke to me the most. While I read it, I had no objections to what the author was saying about his rule and how it negatively affected Mexico. When I was reading the article, it talked about all of the negatives of his rule, and how they were impacting the everyday citizen of Mexico. It did not talk about the positives of his rule, unlike the article I choose about the inequality in Mexico’s economy. The article did mention how Nieto was instead focusing on the aspects of the country to make it more appealing to private and foreign investors. He focused on improving areas of the country such as energy, education, tax, telecommunications and electoral policies.…show more content…
I feel as if the first article is biased towards the negative aspects of Nieto, while the other article talks a little about both the positive and negative aspects of Nieto’s rule. After reading the two articles, I was compelled to think about how Mexico would diffrent if the current president was focused heavily on economic reforms instead of foreign investment, I came to the conclusion that is would instead drive the country into more poverty because the country would have less income, providing little for the poor. The current president will increase the GDP of the country as well as draw investors, which will create more jobs for the poor to
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