Analysis Of Night And Human Nature

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Nikolina Besic N. Besic 1 Mr. Sylvestre ENG 2D1-01 7 January 2016 Analysis of Night and Human Nature Human nature can be analyzed through feelings, characteristics, and behavior. Humans are capable of expressing different emotions such as hate, frustration, remorse, happiness and other emotions depending on the situation they are encountering.Various aspects of human nature can be observed through many forms of media. Often times humans are portrayed in a negative way, however there are certain cases where they are portrayed positively, like in the memoir Night by Elie Wiesel. Evil acts, discrimination towards others, and perseverance for survival, are all apart of human nature. Human nature are the distinguishing characteristics of the way people feel, act, and think. All of these things are separate from any outside influences. Unfortunately one of the most popular human emotions evil, is shown many times throughout the memoir Night. Elie Wiesel 's Night examines human life in a variety of sick and evil circumstances.These extreme conditions show how, when pushed too far, humans are capable of cruelty.Woman began murdering their own parents to survive, people starved to death, and worked to the bone. The famous Auschwitz saying “Work sets you free” is a faithless promise made to the prisoners. After experiencing
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