Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel And First They Killed My Father

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When a person recalls an emotional situation, it can be difficult for them to explain to others exactly how they felt when the event occurred. Authors attempt to communicate these tough experiences using a variety of literary devices—which include symbolism, irony, and theme. Night by Elie Wiesel, and First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung are two pieces of literature that recollect the memories of the authors during traumatic events; Night is set during the Holocaust, while the latter is set in Cambodia during the harsh rule of Pol Pot. The literary devices present in each text are utilized by Wiesel and Ung in unique and similar ways to communicate the extent of what they felt . Both novels utilized symbols in order to relay importance to the readers, particularly during the times when the speakers viewed something horrific. In First They Killed My Father, Ung attempts to symbolize Pol Pot, her father, and even the clothing of the Khmer Rouge. She almost describes Pol Pot as being a supernatural “all-seeing-eye” type figure—one she became set on trying to kill later on in the future as vengeance. Her father represented the glue and power that held Loung’s family together—once he had died, his children (Loung’s brothers) had continued to try and fill in his shoes by providing food, while Loung had continued to be inspired by him. The clothing of the Khmer Rouge became a symbol of the regime, along with all the horror it had created. Indeed, Loung noticed that she could

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