Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Night by Elie Wiesel remains a shocking and terrifying memoir of a survivor of the Holocaust, the murders of six million Jews and five million Gentiles. Elie, a victim of this dreadful event, was forced to separate from his family, and to miss the life he once had. Elie transformed into a unrecognizable, scarred person by the end of his journey. Elie’s traumatizing experiences in the concentration camps of Auschwitz affected him significantly; he changed both spiritually and in his relationship with his father. Through his experiences in Auschwitz, Elie started losing faith in his God. Early in the memoir, Elie was deeply devoted to his God and studied Talmud daily and at night he visited the Temple and cry over the historical destruction of it. After the horror he endured in the many days of the concentration camps, he started doubting his God and began losing faith. On Rosh Hashanah, he already stopped believing in what he had set his life to do. As all those around him prayed, while Elie thought, “Why, but why would I bless Him? Every fiber in me rebelled. Because He caused thousands of children to burn in His mass graves? Because He kept six crematoria working day and night, including Sabbath and the Holy Days? Because in His great might, He had created Auschwitz, Birkenau, Buna, and so many other factories of death? How could I say to Him: Blessed be Thou, Almighty, Master of the Universe, who chose us among all nation to be tortured day and night, to watch as our
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