Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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In night by Elie Wiesel, we see that people can go through bad circumstances and big disappointments but still treat one another well and that can lead to great goals and help people survive using each other. I explain Wiesel’s story of how people can go through bad stuff and some disappointments but still can treat each other good which is a key thing in the story, and helps them achieve goals. There is a lot of stuff to talk about in this story but I will only talk about the key things and stay true to my theme statement that I made up, just to break down the things that happened. So this is a story about the author actually who writes his own experience at the time the nazis were in power and hitler and all that but from his perspective…show more content…
The Jews abide by their orders because complaining would be pointless. Their state of pain does not prevent the Hungarian police from delivering their demands. They order the people to change from marching to running while calling them names, and the people do so with all of the strength left within them. Hate consequently remains the only link between Wiesel and them today. Wiesel hated the police because they were his and his community’s first oppressors and what's important about this key facts is that it can let you know that even though they are not the best of police they are better than the nazi soldiers. Because the nazis beat people to death, true the hungarian police officers are not the best of people for the job but they still get the job done and wiesel still knew this too and so did his companions. And the nazis play a big role in this story of course but the hungarian police were not explained a lot in the original story if Hitler and when he came to power because they were told in a different way in Wiesel’s story. The last thing that really appeals to me that connects to the theme is the whole holocaust and the prisoners and how they actually get explained in this story a little but because this is not all about the holocaust but it is but what really appealed to me is how they explained how they helped each other but not for worthy cause for their end so they could pass on and be in a probable better life. The Jewish arrivals

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