Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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The Holocaust was a systematic and state-sponsored murder of many Jews. during the Holocaust, During the Holocaust, German authorities targeted all European Jews as the lower class enemy. Some of the major criminals during the Holocaust were Adolf Hitler, who committed suicide by gunshot, Heinrich Himmler, who committed suicide by taking cyanide, and Reinhard Heydrich, who was assassinated. The Holocaust was started by Germans coming to power in 1933 and claimed themselves ¨racially superior¨. Many Holocaust survivors, such as the Mengele Twins, Jacki Handeli, Rita Weiss, and twins Stephanie and Annetta, shared their testimony of what happened to them during this time. Elie Wiesel was a human-rights activist and a Nobel Peace…show more content…
From 1933 to 1945, Germanyś government was led by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. During this time, they carried out a method to onslaught all European Jews. Because the Germans placed themselves as the superior people, they decided that Jews would be punished only because of their religion/race. In Hitlerś eyes, the only way for survival was to be a part of the ¨master race¨. The ¨master race¨ was to always stay ¨pure¨ in hope that one day, they would take over the world. The quote, ¨…where a convoy of cattle cars was waiting. The Hungarian police made us climb into the cars, eighty persons in each one.¨ shows that the transport from Sighet to Auschwitz was not comfortable or voluntary. At the start of all confusion and chaos, the Jews were forced out of their homes, leaving everything of importance or of value. By the time the Holocaust was over, there were six million Jews murdered. That includes 1,500,000 children. While Jews were viewed as the main enemy, many other non-Jewish people were killed also. Anyone who was ¨considered racially, biologically, or socially unfit¨ was killed they were Jewish or German. “In the course of this state sponsored tyranny, the Nazis left countless lives shattered and millions dead.”(United States

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