Analysis Of Night Of The Living Dead

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Movies like “Night of the Living Dead” are always towards the people with color, class, and violences. The movie “Night of the Living Dead” is about how zombies attack and how six people are trying the serve in house with little to nothing but one gun. Mind you that the zombies and five out of six are caucasian, which leaves the other one and he's a african male. The african male named is Ben and to me I feel that he was seen as low class, everybody was either against Ben or with him, and towards the end I feel that violences was more brutal towards Ben because he is african. George the writer of “Night of the Living Dead” present us with this movie that shows us that african american are viewed as something different by the way the caucasian act towards Ben because of the way he dresses and because of his skin color, he also show us how african amercian don't get a chance to speak up and how african get brutal treatment with violence. Caucasian in this movie see african american as othering. Films writer are still making the point that african american are still viewed as something different in today's movies. “Night of the Living Dead” has a african american male named Ben in the movie; mind you that he is the only african male throughout this whole movie. They first show him running toward a house and that's where he meets a caucasian white female, which her name is Barbara.There’s a part of the movie when Ben is putting on the shoes for Barbara and it looks like when

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