Analysis Of ' Night Of The Living Dead '

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The mindless, heartless, undead, have come flocking in hoards as a continuous reminder of societies fear of the unknown. The meaning of the zombie has changed throughout the years. From the zombies media inception in William Seabrook’s 1929 book “Magic Island” embodying the dehumanizing act of slavery, and colonial oppression. Later George Romero’s 1968 hit film “Night of the Living Dead” that redefined the zombie and tied in elements of the civil rights movement with the sociopolitical climate of the United States during the 1960’s. To the contemporary resurgence of zombies in pop culture, they continue to remain relevant within the horror genre. Although societal insecurities have changed over time, the dehumanized hordes of zombies…show more content…
Seabrook brings the character of the zombie, from his interpretation of Haitian folklore, to a mainstream audience. He is a white American male, so his perspective of the Haitian people and their culture is presented through the view of a colonizer and portrays the people as “writhing black bodies, blood maddened, sex maddened, god maddened…”(Seabrook, 42) later allowing the zombie to become depicted as a horde of savages. This characterization would define the zombie for the next 30 years, leading to a series of films with zombies being characterized as black, tribal masses generally possessing or stalking a white often female protagonist. The idea of black men vying after white women was a fear amongst white men, and the zombie allowed for a otherwise taboo subject to be the explored and fetishized through cinema. A film that successfully presents this characterization is the 1943 I Walked with a Zombie, which revolves around two white female protagonists in the Caribbean. Betsy Connel a nurse from Canada is tasked with finding out what is wrong with Jessica Holland, wife of plantation owner Paul Holland. Jessica is suffering from a mysterious illness causing her to be mentally checked out. After trying all conventional medical procedures to try and get

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