Analysis Of Nineteen Eighty Four By George Orwell

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Ms. Adriana Coppola is the English III teacher at Randolph High school for students that are in eleventh grade. At this point, this was the third block of the day, only a block before lunch. The desks were arranged in a small circle with an outer circle, for this purpose, the class was participating in a Socratic circle. In a more student-based activity for the class period, Ms. Coppola allowed the students a decent amount of control over the discussions’ directions. The students had a “Do Now” question when they first walked into the door before the Socratic circles began. This was a text based Socratic circle, using the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. One group went first in the inner circle to discuss and the outer circle watched, taking notes. Then the two groups switched roles. Ms. Coppola incorporated two unique aspects to her Socratic circles that I had never seen before. One of the students was the discussion leader, leading the discussion and asking questions to the rest of the circle. Another addition in the Socratic circle was that were “hot seats” where the outer circle is allowed to sit in an unoccupied seat in the inner circle to offer their opinion on a particular topic in the discussion for extra credit, before going back to their seats in the outer circle. Students were allowed to take index cards with questions for their circle and essays they had written as a guide for the circle. In the beginning, students seem nervous, looking to Ms.
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