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Life and death are experienced throughout the country, which occurs every day around the world. We all experience dealing with death or life rather it 's pertaining to a family member, friend, associate or even a co-worker. Life and death effect the population rates amongst the globe. People views, practices, and feelings differ from different religions and cultures. Each culture is unique and obtains different beliefs and rituals. According to the book Nisa The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman the !Kung tribe has different views and beliefs among cultural aspects. In certain country’s women give birth in hospitals, or at home with a follow up from the doctor to assure the baby is healthy. In the book, it stated that “I walk a short…show more content…
The traditional !Kung did not consider a child a true person until it was brought back to the village, the early infancy was not seen as a homicide.” (page 60) In China they were only allowed to produce one child, the female babies were killed and males lived to carry the generation on. In some countries, infanticide would be considered homicide, which can lead to sentence time in prison, or a death penalty. Bringing life into the world can be complicated, risky, and life threating. Some cultures go to the doctor throughout their pregnancy to make sure the baby is healthy. The prenatal pill is taken to make sure the mother is getting the proper minerals, and vitamins. During the doctor’s visit they can also see how far along the mother is during her pregnancy. Ultrasounds picture are available to get gimps on how the baby look and to determine the gender. On page 162 says that “Fear of childbirth is thought to be dangerous…however God interrupting a woman apprehensive as indicating that the child is not wanted, may kill the child and take it back to the spirit world In such case the mother may also be taken.” Bringing life into the world can be one of the most beautiful things to experience but it also has its complications. Birth can become risky causing an emergency cesarean section to save the child life or even both. Even though !Kung women leave the village they generally take someone or

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