Analysis Of `` No One `` By Zora Neale Hurston And Toni Morrison

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“No one says a novel has to be one thing” according to Ishmael Reed. Literature, he says, can be whatever it wants to be. While it is true that the nature of literature is flux, to agree or disagree with his sentiments is the very core of an ancient debate: how is literature to be critiqued. Literary theory is wide—its proponents range from deconstructionism and structuralism to aestheticism, and culturalism, flowing through queer theory, gender theory, and race theory to name a few subsets of the latter. The diversity in this theory is easily explained, as it stems from the own diversity of writers and works that have been produced. The identities of these works and their writers, however, becomes very important when choosing a method to interpret and analyse their art. Tackling the works of black female writers such as Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston, and Toni Morrison; and their respective magna opera, The Color Purple, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and The Bluest Eye, it is impossible to forget how their identities informed these narratives, especially when discussing a method for criticism.
It is unsurprising that these works share many features, based on a strict ethos that places the narratives of black women as written, revealed, and imagined by black women authors. Themes, language use, and structure, inter alia, are common in these novels; it is hard to find one more important than another. Nevertheless, these seem to be connected by a common structural form: the
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