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Emotions “No PDA!” I will continue to hear through out my day when I went from class to class at the midst of passing period during high school and middle school. I never knew what teachers meant by saying that until they would start to get on my case about showing some affection to the girlfriend I had at that time. That was when I learned that “PDA” abbreviates Public Display of Affection and one of the first times I learned an American display rule. At the same time, I believe some manners may contribute to the display rules. Then, the topic of it is “unmanly” for a man to show their emotions. The other discussion about holding in anger opposed to expressing it. I believe there are limitations to how men show their emotions, but I do believe that men should be able to show their emotions. Also, anyone should be able express his or her emotions instead of holding it and letting it all come out all at once. First, Some of the American display rules are manners. As an example, when I was younger I was taught it is unacceptable to belch and not say excuse me at the table with even if the situation is accidental. My mother would poke arm or pinch my arm as punishment until I would say those majestic words to make my arm stop hurting. I completely understand why burping at without saying excuse me is unacceptable now. No one wants to hear anyone else let out gas in any way. It may have a disgusting same that follows it, and is so unexpected that the belch may offend someone.

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