Analysis Of No, Trump Is Not The New Franklin D. Roosevelt

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No, Trump is not the new Franklin D. Roosevelt. In today's blog, I will be talking about the similarities and differences between our president today and our president back in the 1930-40's. Believe it or not, there are some similarities. And of course some differences. I think what marks these differences is how each president decided to use their influence and power in their time as leaders of our country. I'm going to first start off by talking about the way they communicate/ communicated with the people. Roosevelt did weekly Fireside Chats. This consisted of him talking on the radio to the American people. He would inform them of his plans, thoughts, and actions for current problems. He…show more content…
He uses names like dumb and loser to express his feelings against news sources he dislikes like CNN and NY Times. Trump also says negative things about past administration like how horrible their presentations have been. He has even gone in and supported acts of violence. Now let's talk about some laws! Franklin D. Roosevelt created The New Deal. These were many laws that focused on 3 things. Reform, relief, and recovery for the American people. He did things like make jobs for the unemployed, created regulations for jobs, and overall provided more opportunities and a better life for the struggling Americans. One of Donald Trump's popular actions when it comes to laws is taking away DACA. This restricts the education and jobs many hard working kids strive to have. Instead of allowing people to peruse their dreams he is holding them down. Trump has however created new bills that help injured law enforcement officers and veterans. Neither one of them seems to be taken a laissez-faire approach to the government. They've both set many laws and restrictions. (Frances and Eleanor) Next, the first ladies. Eleanor Roosevelt was a very bold strong woman who took action in civil rights. In one occasion the Daughters of the American Revolution refused to let an African American opera singer perform for them. Mrs. Roosevelt told her to come

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