Analysis Of Nora Alvarez 's Life

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Nora Alvarez was born February, 4 1968 in Arroyo, Puerto Rico. She 's my father 's older sister and the second youngest out of five children. She 's one of two girls. Until this day they all remain close regardless of the fact that 3 of their brothers still live in Puerto Rico. Not coming from a very wealthy family they struggled but their mother made sure they had everything they needed to survive. At a young age their father died and that really damaged them individually but as a family they pulled through which made Nora mature quicker than she was growing in size. Today she 's a happily married to her husband Omar with 5 beautiful children. If I 've learned anything from Nora it would be the way she bears with situations. Also…show more content…
She was also a realtor her clients had to trust her and believe that she 'll try to give the customer the best options. Now a days she 's a stay at home mother taking care of her two younger sons and being a young group leader at her church. Nora has changed a lot since she was young and now she is someone respected in her community her younger children look up to her and she has set a great example for her only daughter, Brenda. She showed her how it is to be a strong independent woman considering Nora had to grow up caring for her siblings. Her and sister did most of the cooking and cleaning while the boys did the “men jobs”. She came to America wanting a better life for herself and graduated from Salem State University. This has inspired Brenda because now she saw the struggle her mother went through and she still pulled through strong and content at the end and now Brenda is also attending college and plans to enroll in the military. Nora has always been able to seek responsibility and take responsibilities for her actions and those under her supervision. Having the leadership roll in church as the youth group leader, she knows that she must be able to deliver what 's expected of her from the church. If they make a trip, she 's aware that she has to be the one to get everything together and to make sure everyone is included. No one is perfect, and Nora accepts the fact that she does make mistakes and doesn 't
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