Analysis Of Norma Rae 's ' Character Is Played By Sally Field

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The film which is based in the 1970’s primarily focuses on the trials and tribulations of two individuals organizing a labor union at a textile mill company located in North Carolina. Norma Rae is textile loom worker for the O. P. Henley Textile Mill and mother of three children who is opinionated about the poor working conditions, long hours and poor wages of her workplace. Her frustrations began when her mother temporarily loses her hearing at the textile mill but is not treated well by the workplace doctor. Norma Rae’s father dies while experiencing pain in his arm and requests for a break by management only to be denied at the textile mill. Norma Rae’s character is played by Sally Field whose story is based on a real life person by the name of Crystal Lee Sutton who tried to organize the J.P. Stevens textile mill. Reuben Warshovsky is a labor organizer from New York representing the Textile Workers Union of America is committed to convincing the workplace that unionization will increase wages and better working conditions at the O. P. Henley Textile Mill. With the assistance of Norma Rae and by working day and night he was able to pull off an impossible feat of unionizing the workers at the plant. Manipulation, bribery, retaliation and intimidation are one of the few issues Norma Rae, Reuben Warshovsky and other textile workers encountered. The film reveals what the type of strings management was willing to pull in order to prevent unionization in the workplace

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