Analysis Of Northampton Massachusetts Completed The Sustainable Northampton Comprehensive Plan

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Housing In 2008, Northampton Massachusetts completed the Sustainable Northampton Comprehensive Plan. This plan was implemented in order to “support a wide variety of housing types that increase rental and homeownership units to create and preserve a range of affordability and choice in housing options” (Source). For quite some time, Northampton has been keen on making housing more affordable and accessible to it’s community. Quality Quality Strengths. Addition of new housing units has been steady but modest since 1960 (Source). This housing growth has occurred despite some small declines in population, reflecting increasing numbers of smaller households. Northampton has also recently ran a program called Homelessness Prevention and Rapid…show more content…
Quality Problematic Areas.Despite the slow but steady rate of housing growths and declining population, Northampton still has it needs to improve its limited housing quality. There are currently 12,314 housing units within Northampton, Massachusetts (Source). Most of the houses in Northampton, about forty-five percent, have been built before the year 1939 and thirty percent builty between the years of 1940 and 1970. (Source) As the times have moved forward and homes becoming more modern, most of the homes in Northampton have remained historic. The Northampton Housing Authority is a branch in Northampton that helps to establish housing units that are low in income and accessible to the community. The Housing Authority had obtained and provided 618 units to individuals seeking homes. Despite being able to obtain those homes, the unit accessibility is very limited to those who need those home the most. Of the 618 units provided by the Housing Authority, only 31 of the units are accessible to the handicapped population (Source) With only 5% of the housing units being secured by the Housing Authority, specific types of home are limited to families. The average household size is expected to decrease to 2.04 persons by 2014 (Source). 33% of all households are suited for two people and there is a need for those types of units (source). With there being such a high demand for such a household, the downfall is that that small unit homes for two person families
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