Analysis Of ' Northern Quest Resort And Casino ' Network Administrator '

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Date: October 15, 2015
To: Professor Jan Babcock
From: Michael Kelly
Subject: Rhetorical Analysis of Job Application Package

Northern Quest Resort and Casino: Network administrator
This role Network Administrator job is with Northern Quest Resort and Casino. They are in need for a Network Administrator and I believe I can be the right fit for them once I graduate college in the spring. The qualifications that they are looking for is someone that has prior knowledge and some work with LAN/WAN, Wireless networking, CISCO, Networking Monitoring tools, CCNA Certification, etc. This company is looking for a hard worker that is intelligent and can get the job done in a timely matter. This job is also for people who are driven to work
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When doing my cover letter I focused on how I can bring leadership and tell them what I will bring to this job. I highlighted my education in two areas. The first thing I highlighted is that I went to a technical school for high school and that I graduated in a networking class. The second thing I highlighted is that I will be graduating with an associates in Information Sciences and Technology with a Business option. I think when they see my education they will see that I have a lot of potential in any job I go for. The information that will be less important for the cover letter will be the past jobs that have nothing to do with the job that I am applying for. I think the tone in my letter will be to get the reader’s attention without be annoying. IT Support Technician
The second job I am looking at is an IT Support Technician at This job is located in Detroit Michigan. Amazon is in need of a support technician and I have some requirements for the job. They are looking for someone who has experience in the field and they are looking for someone who preferably has their A+ which I am currently working on. Amazon is looking for a candidate that has great oral and written skills. They also want someone that has great hands on experience and experience. Amazon wants someone who is very reliable because if something goes down at one of the distribution centers they are relying on you to get everything back up and running.

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