Analysis Of Notes From The Back Of The Room : Problems And Paradoxes Essay

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Analysis of Notes from the Back of the Room: Problems and Paradoxes in the Schooling of Young Black Students by Karolyn Tyson This study presents a research that was conducted at two elementary schools among young Black students. One was a public school and the other one was a Black independent School (BIS), which is private. The purpose of the study was to examine common teacher practices and black elementary-aged students’ responses to these practices in considering the processes of social reproduction in schools. The strategy use was an ethnographic study of two elementary schools in which the majority were black students; the author states that both schools had a strong commitment to creating a positive and self-affirming learning environment for its students. The mission statements of both schools focus an emphasis on building self-esteem as a means to promote high academic performance among its Black students. Unfortunately, both schools with their unintentional hidden curriculum undermine these efforts by suppressing inappropriate behaviors and conveying messages of black cultural deviance to students in the interest of discipline and conformity to particular “mainstream” cultural norms. Furthermore the questions that guide this study are: “(1) how and why teachers participate in practices and policies that may undermine minority students’ academic achievement, (2) how elementary students respond to these practices and policies, and (3) the implications of
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