Analysis Of Novant Health Builds An. Porter's Five Forces Analysis

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Novant Health Builds an IDN Porter’s five forces analysis provides a methodology to evaluate the external markets. Its consideration of substitutes, threats and power of buyer and supplier assists with the development of an integration strategy. A thorough analysis can isolate attractive opportunities in support of building a profitable business model. These strategies can leverage vertical and/or horizontal integration of new business entities. These entities are designed to help with growing market share, increase efficiencies and/or reduce costs. During the 1990’s many hospitals pursued a combination of both vertical and horizontal integration. The goal was to create an integrated delivery network (IDN) designed to improve their economic performance. Employers are continuing to face rising health benefit costs and are constantly looking for alternatives to control these escalating costs. Health benefit premiums continue to increase at a double digit pace for employers and employees (Poor, Ross & Tollen, 2004). This escalation is putting environmental pressures on all impacted stakeholders. Companies and insurance providers are squeezing this industry to get a handle on cost while still providing an appropriate level of care. This cycle puts the patient front and center as the ultimate stakeholder who incurs changes in health benefits. This mandate of cost control, efficient operations and market share has facilitated a constant analysis of the dynamic health

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