Analysis Of ' Now I Lay Me And The Doctor 's Wife ' By Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway wrote many largely autobiographical stories about a fictional character, Nick Adams. In each of the Nick Adams stories, Hemingway looks back on and displays his relationships throughout his life. By telling stories about key points in his life, Hemingway draws a strong picture of Nick Adams relationship with his mother, first girlfriend and most predominantly his father. Now, as a father, Nick makes connections between the past and present … the father and self. He also fears connection because he doesn’t know if his image of his father, and the part of the father which lives within him, should be embraced or killed.
Nick Adams doesn’t really speak about his mother. In the short stories, Now I Lay Me and The Doctor and the
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In addition, the wife believes in Christian Science, so she doesn’t believe in medicine. Being that her husbands a doctor, she has no respect for his profession. Despite their differences, Nick felt that his father respected his mother. Below is a quote taking place right after an argument between the parents:
The doctor went out on the porch. The screen door slammed behind him. He heard his wife catch her breath when the door slammed.
“Sorry,” he said, outside her window with the blinds drawn.
“It’s all right, dear,” she said. (Pg. 76)

The quote shows that even though he was upset, he couldn’t be cruel to his wife and didn’t want to upset her. In Now I Lay Me, Nick shared a memory of his parents that showed marital disconnect that ruined his father’s precious personal items. While his father was away on a hunting trip, Nick’s mother had decided to clean the basement out and burned all of the items she felt were unimportant outside by the house. Most of these items were personal belongings of Nick’s father. This may have had something to do with her distaste for hunting.
When my father came home and got down from his buggy and hitched the horse, the fire was still burning in the road beside the house. I went out to meet him. He handed me his shotgun and looked at the fire. "What 's this?" he asked.
"I 've been cleaning out the
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