Analysis Of Nursing At Its Best: Competent And Caring

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In the article Nursing at its Best: Competent and caring provides a variety of definitions and why nurses have a tendency to be “caring”. It is one of the most important factors for many people when deciding to enter such career. Many believe in the significance of having emotional feelings while practicing as a nurse because it is said that someone who does not care will not provide the most efficient patient-centered care. The article discusses an investigation on the motivations for seeking nursing as a career and their thoughts on ‘caring’. “Students identified caring as the essential quality” (Rhodes, Morris, & Lazendy, 2011) caring is the major key that God has provided when a person needs the help. A nurse might be an excellent health care member but if he/she lacks the factor of caring her/his…show more content…
The word caring also implies that nurses should take into consideration their health and how to manage the demands of the job. The article Overview and Summary: Healthy Nurses: Perspectives on Caring for Ourselves by Susan Letvak contains interesting factors regarding the meaning of care “the sad reality is nurses “accept” health problems that come from the physical and emotional demands of the profession, and while caring for others often do not care for themselves” (Letvak, 2014). It is interesting that caring involves the health of nurses and to think about personal issues that might impact a health care member dramatically. The second interesting factor in caring is letting nurses know their job contributes to everyone even for those who have never been to a hospital, “social media can support nurse health because of the social support received, and through the use of apps geared for health promotion” (Letvak, 2014). Caring is not only define for patients but also for nurses who work long hours with dedication to help their
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