Analysis Of Nursing Leadership. Observing And Analyzing

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Analysis of Nursing Leadership
Observing and analyzing my leader opened my eyes to the amount of responsibility and knowledge one needs to be a great leader. These responsibilities that were witnessed during the shadowing project included aspects of role modeling, mentoring and educating fellow staff and colleagues alike. My leader possessed a well-rounded amount of experience, skills and knowledge about nursing and her management role. All of these aspects we observed and I feel my leader is not only strong nurse, manger and mentor; all these aspects contribute to making her a fine and valuable assets to our organization.
B.S., a MSN, RN was chosen to for the shadowing project. B.S. has been a nurse for 10 years and holds
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B.S. was taken aware from a few morning meetings so she needed to delegate her notes off to another collogue to share. Later in the day staffing rounds were done and B.S. had to facilitate many staffing changes to accommodate the unit’s needs for the busy night; her B.S allowed me to practice and us my judgement on staffing for the night. B.S. also needed to help consult a surgical physician for a bedside G-tube placement. B.S. had planned to show me how she orders supplies but need to delegate this task to the other unit since out unit was so busy.
B.S. exemplified many of her leadership traits on our shadowing day. B.S. was able to juggle many things during this easy day and still remain to be a calm, collected role model. During morning huddles, which I was able to be an active participant in, she was able to facilitate the units staffing needs by empowering the unit bonus and remain upbeat and positive about the work load. Although she is a Nurse Manager she never complained or gave the impression she was too good to help out others in the unit and assisted many nurses at the bedside, changing diapers and help turning and suctioning patients, which was very inspirational to watch. During staffing rounds she was very adamant that she needed a certain amount of nurses to cover the high acuity and did not back down on her requests, which
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