Analysis Of O ' Connor 's A Good Man

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Numerous of authors utilize what is happening around them to influence their stories. Flannery O’Connor was raised in Georgia during one of the rough time periods in the South. She puts multiple similarities in several of her stories like racism, using violence to redeem people, as well as the Old South versus the New South. O’Connor applies her writing style of Southern Gothic to show people the reality of what is happening in the South. She has put the issues that they have in different scenarios or situations that people could understand in her short stories, “A Good Man is Hard To Find” along with “Everything That Rises Must Converge.” O’Connor has various characters in her stories that have characteristics that make them damaged,…show more content…
Many people in the south during this time still believed that things like having slaves should be the way it used to be when they were growing up. They are not up to date with how society has changed so they decide to not listen to societies new way of doing things. Violence plays an unquestionable important role in O’Connor’s short stories. In “Everything That Rises,” Julian’s mother is struck by an African American women when she tries to give her son a nickel. O’Connor writes, “The huge woman turned and for a moment stood, her shoulders lifted and her face frozen with frustrated rage, and stared at Julian’s mother….Julian saw the black fist swing out with the red pocketbook. He shut his eyes and cringed as he heard the woman shout, “He don 't take nobody’s pennies!””(O’Connor “Everything” 504). The woman hit Julian’s mother due to the fact she felt that Julian’s mother felt superior to her because they were African Americans. In “A Good Man,” violence is not said, but implied by how certain scenes are described in the story (Omnus). The Misfit has each character killed one by one until only the grandmother is left. He holds her at gunpoint and only when she tries to relate to him he chooses to shoot her. Right before she is shot, the
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