Analysis Of O ' Connor 's ' A Good Man Essay

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In my analysis of “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”, I will examine the different elements of this piece of literature and break the subject down into its component parts. I also plan to provide evident that O’Connor uses religion as the theme for her short story using several examples of foreshadowing and symbolic throughout her story. After reading the story more than once, I notice some interesting quotes that will back-up my claims that O’Connor’s story is about something that must do with spiritual and religion. One of the quotes that was obvious is the “Trees were of silver-white sunlight and the meanest of them sparkled”, what O’Connor was saying is that the” silver-white sunlight” (O’Connor p.679) is to be associated with heaven, but after examining further there are two possible meaning. For the first one, the trees could portray with the misfit as Jesus, or the second one the trees could portray with the Bailey’s family. It all depends upon how you interpret the word meanest in the quote that O’Connor has stated in the story. The sky represents the three variations of a single symbolic theme; that the sky represents a state of mind. As the Bailey’s family continue their journey they pass a large cotton field with six tombstones in the middle of a fence portion of the field (O’Connor p.679), that just happens to be the same number as the Bailey’s family. It fitting that the grandmother should notice how many graves there are. O’Connor is telling the reader that
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