Analysis Of O Er The Ramparts By Franlin Kaepernick

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Many believe that when Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers quarterback , refused to stand with his hand over his heart, he abused his duty for his country. In “ O’er the ramparts we watched as athletes were kneeling”, Merrill Matthews, a resident scholar with the Policy Innovation in Dallas, Texas, says he at some point this is going to get out of hand and will not be able to be stopped or fixed. “ If athletes can kneel during the national anthem, can they turn their back? Can they stand on the U.S. flag or even burn it?” ( Matthews 3). In other words, this needs to be stopped before things get out of hand. It is understandable why the opposition argues that Kaepernick was wrong for his doings. However, Colin Kaepernick is a U.S. citizen
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