Analysis Of ' Oedipus ' Rex '

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Ari Victor
Honors English
28 July, 2015
Summer Reading
Oedipus Rex
1. The people of Thebes are suffering from a god attacking their city.
2. The Priest asks Oedipus to save Thebes and the people living there.
3. The Thebans plead Oedipus for his help because 1) they think that Oedipus has help from the gods, and 2) they know that he already saved their town before, so he can save it again.
4. Oedipus has already taken the step of sending Creon to Apollo’s temple to ask how to save the city.
5. The significance of Delphi is that that is where Creon went to ask Apollo for help.
6. An oracle is someone who is like a medium that delivers advice from a god.
7. The message Creon was given was that the king, Laius, was murdered by a group of men while he was on an important mission away from home. The oracle tells them that they need to find these murderers and punish them forcibly.
8. King Laius was murdered long ago.
9. Creon reveals a clue about the murder that says that there was one traveler left alive who told them that the murder was not done with a single pair of hands, but many.
10. The Sphinx told the Thebans that the murder was not their biggest problem, preventing them from finding the murderer of Laius.
11. Oedipus promises to find the murderers of the deceased king not only to help the town, but to help himself from getting murdered by the same criminals.
12. My first impression of Oedipus is that he is a smart and fair ruler. While looking out for himself, he is
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