Analysis Of ' Of Fathers And Sons '

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Tracey Addison English 210: Creative Writing Dr. Hayes Essay #1: Of Fathers and Sons 9.28.2014 Choices: Opening and Closing Doors The expectations that most fathers have for their sons are that they live up to the family legacy or follow in their father’s footsteps, practically eliminating any of the thoughts, dreams or aspirations the son may have ever viewed or looked forward to for personal enjoyment or satisfaction. Any human being who can think for themselves has to be subject to making choices that will place them in good positions considering their well-being; even if it means going against what one’s father stands for. A man’s continuous progress will allow him to recognize his morals and what he goes by from being a child to maturing into a grown man. No son wants to disobey their father because in the logical sense, it’s a norm that a son should respect his father’s wishes. A father’s will for his son could deter or further the means and value of their relationship as father and son. With that being said, throughout the two readings being discussed, it is clear that choices contribute as immense factors for the two sons. The continuous divergence between the fathers and sons in the provided stories “From the Deep Woods to Civilization” and “Barn Burning” give relativeness to circumstances concerning the abstract relationships of fathers and sons in real life situations. Within these two readings, one father has completely manipulated his son’s will to do
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