Analysis Of Of Mice And Men By John Steinback

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Stephanie Cannon July 5, 2016 Lesson Plan Unit: Of Mice and Men by John Steinback Lesson Topic: Literature and craft Grade: 9th Time allotted: 50 minutes Link to class website: Context for learning: • Purpose: o The purpose of this lesson is to understand the character development through the book “Of Mice and Men” as well as the symbolism and themes from the text. The discussion would contribute to a better understanding of the text for the larger group by hearing what others have to say about the book and what they took from it. • Prior Knowledge: o The prior knowledge that the students have related to the lesson topic are their ideas of themes, symbolism, central ideas in writings, and writing techniques. • Where does this unit fall: o This unit will fall in the second semester of English 9 the first book that will be read in this semester. • Technology: o The technology that will be available for the students to use are chromebooks or their cell phones. • Room arrangement: o The room will be arranged into a horseshoe shape with walking space and access to supplies. The teacher’s desk will be at the front of the room and supplies at the back. This arrangement would be successful because it allows students to be close to communicate but they can also be spaced out. It also allows for the students to have a better view of the teacher and board without the view being obstructed. Curriculum and SPA

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