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Critical Analysis on “Of Mice and Men” In 1992 Gary Sinise directed the tragic film “Of Mice and Men.” The story is about George Milton and Lennie Small, two friends who travel together in search of work. Though Lennie is very calm and harmless he isn’t very smart and is unaware of his strength, which leads him into trouble. A New York Times article describes him this way; “Lennie is a gentle giant of a man with the mental capacities of an 8-year-old. He loves to fondle soft things, like mice, puppies and rabbits, even a small piece of velvet.” Through the eyes of Lennie and George the audience sees the special relationship that they share. However there is a larger theme at play in the film. Though George has Lennie by his side, Lennie’s companionship seems to offer George very little relief from his loneliness. The people they encounter and the irony of the duo’s situation portray the theme of loneliness in the film.
The film begins with a scene of George and Lennie running from a posse of men with dogs and guns. After escaping their pursuers they are left on a train to nowhere, all alone. This is the first time that George and Lennie’s loneliness is revealed. In a following scene their isolation is confirmed as they walk down an empty road taking them to another chance at work. On the way, George notices that Lenny is playing with something. George finds that Lennie has a dead mouse. Lennie has a habit of getting mice and petting them until they die. When George takes…

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