Analysis Of Old Swale By Joel Terkeurst

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For a piece to be considered art, it would need to have effort or work put into it by an individual. Anything can be considered art, if you put your mind to it. A couch, for instance, can be a work of art because somebody put effort into it to make it an appealing piece for an individual to want or desire. For my artists painting from the Art Prize, is it obvious he put lots of work and effort into it to show the most intricate details and it almost puts on a “dreamy” feeling. This piece by Joel TerKeurst, “Old Swale,” is Described as a high art in the article “High and Low Art,” by Matt Plescher. This is a painting that is used for a decoration so it is considered a high art (Plescher, 2013.) The painting was created with acrylics and
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